3R Auto Parts - frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

How do I find the part I need?

  • Select the make, model (year) and series of your vehicle. E.g. Audi, A4 & year
  • Choose the or select a Part Category from the drop down list. E.g. Bonnet ( Hood ) in the Body Panel & Exterior Components
  • Select the Auto Part you require from the list.

I can’t find the part I require ?

If an exact part cannot be found , is because none of our Business partners ( recyclers and dismantlers ) don't have the part in stock.

I can’t find my vehicle in the pop up lists ?

It could be that the vehicle may be described slightly differently on our system. For example a BMW ‘320’ is listed as a BMW ‘3 Series’ on the website. Similarly if the vehicle is an import, try searching under the U.K equivalent.

The part I have found is an "EXACT MATCH" -is this guaranteed to fit my requirements?

While our suppliers are very detailed in their descriptions, we always recommend you properly discuss your requirements with the supplier before finally ordering your part.

Will the suppliers listed on the 3R Auto Parts website deliver parts to me?

Yes, all the suppliers will arrange delivery of your parts.

Is the price shown what i will pay including delivery ?

No, the price shown is the price you would pay were you to pick the part up from the supplier directly. Some prices are also subject to VAT.

How much extra will delivery cost?


This will depend on the size and weight of the part. Prices usually start from approximately £10 but you should check this with the individual supplier.

Please also note that some delivery companies and couriers will not insure glass items (e.g. windscreens, door windows etc...).

Do the parts shown on 3R Auto Parts come with a warranty?

Each supplier on 3R Auto Parts has their own warranty policy, but all give warranties of some level. Additionally, some also offer extended warranties for a small additional charge, to give you extra peace of mind.

Will I be charged for using this service?

No searching for parts and sending part requests through 3R Auto Parts is completely free of charge.

Why does delivery time/cost depend on the individual part ?

Although most suppliers offer next day delivery this can not no be guaranteed. Although this happens very rarely, do to time taken to locate, separate and prepare the part for transit can affect when the part can be delivered. As for the cost of delivery this can be different for each part type given weight and size can vary.